Richard Winkler Show

The Ganesha Gallery, at the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, is presenting an exhibition of paintings by Swedish artist, Richard Winkler. The show will run from August 19 until September 19, 1999. Images of the tropics, full of lush and exotic species of flora and fauna have long fascinated the western psyhe. The perceived ease and abundance of the tropics is perhaps the reason that in almost every religion of the world, paradise appears as Tropical Island.

The artist, Richard Winkler adds an intriguing twist to paradisical images. At first glance his canvasses might appear only to be studies in the rich verdure of the tropical plant world. The leaves of his plants are thick and full. Some are tubular and resemble human bodies with splayed limbs. Next we are struck with an inherent sensuality if not erotism. The allusion to the more intimate parts of the human physic are self evident. Plants become animal or human like. Several paintings are pastoral scenes inspired directly by Bali and Balinese painting. When asked about the meaning of art to his life he answered, “Without art I have no life. For me art is an emotional rather than intellectual.”