In The Garden of Eden

Painting Exhibit by Richard Winkler

reviewed by Vajrani

Narcissis Room
Hotel Mulia, Jl. Asia Afrika, Jaksel
Tel: 574-7777

Richard Winkler’s decorative paintings are the most recent addition to a growing list of romantic foreign artists that have captured Bali through visuals. While he may be considered just another artist painting images of the island, his loud, almost psychedelic artwork offers a fresh artistic outlook, long awaited since the days of Spies and Covarrubias. While most of his images are fun and refreshing, on occasion his figures seem to suffer from over-extended distortion, making them appear clumsy. Whether he becomes Walter Spies’ successor or merely enjoys celebrity status like Yuri Gorbachev (while he still can), will depend on his artistic evolution. Although this evolution cannot be measured by this exhibit alone, it is fair to say that it is a promising start. Unfortunately, no matter how fresh his art actually is. Winkler will always be compared to his predecessors, whoever they may be (reviewed by Vajrani)