In Praise of Nature

The Ganesha Gallery at the Four Seasons JImbaran exhibits the work of Swiss artist Marc Jurt this moth. Jurt is no stranger to the island, erriving for the first time in 1980. Jurt draws his inspiration from observing the wonders of life and nature which surround him and recreating in his own style. As one of Europe’s most prolific and talented graphic artists he has brought an integrity and determination to the graphic arts. The exhibition runs from until August 19. Following this exhibition the work of Swedish artist Richard Winkler will be on show in the gallery. Winkler also concentrates on the natural world in his paintings of lush tropical scenes to which he adds his own particular style. His influences lie in the illustrative and decorative art of the Art Deco period which is mixed with his signature angst about the ongoing relationship runs until September 23. For more information call Indrawawi on 701010.