My world of painting and sculpture is a dream of colors, forms and beauty.
It is a world where I can be free.
Richard Winkler

Richard Winkler

Painter and Sculptor

Art is a personal expression of emotions and thoughts. There must be a story to tell, whether it is something you are aware of, or something in your subconscious mind. The audience does not necessary need to know your story, but they need to feel it and connect to it emotionally.

Spending time in solitude has always been very important to my creative process. That’s how ideas and inspiration form and grow. Passion and dedication are equally important.

I want to create a little window to dream away to a world which does not really exist more than in your mind and in your heart, a dreamworld of beauty and harmony, of forms and colors. A world where you can let your mind and feelings float away, fantasize and dream, and where you can connect to your inner self.

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